For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die



Officers for Generation at PSEG
President - Kevin Cothran
Executive Vice President - Anthony Caffrey
Recording / Financial Secretary - Marc Lewandowski
Treasurer - Sue DeNegre
Safety Officer - Bradley Sanchez
Sergeant-at-Arms - Thomas Murray.

Chief Stewards:
BHS- Gino Lopez
NHHS- Mike Keyes
BPT. Energy- Al Bloszko

BHS- Darren Jenkins-MST
           Abe Martinez  I&E
NHHS- Angie Young

Officers for BU1 & BU2
President – Moses Rams
Executive Vice President – Beverly Gibson
Vice President Electric Systems I - Tracey Brown
Vice President Electric Systems II - Tony Sanchez
Vice President CCC- Elcira Perez
Vice President BU2- Calvin Demarsilis
Treasurer – Sue DeNegre
Recording Secretary – Vivian Valentin
Financial Secretary – Scheri Walker
UI Safety Officer – Will Coleman 
I Sergeant-at-Arms – Mike Esposito
BU #1
Chief Stewards (Second Step Grievances)
Chief Steward Standard Field/Logistics – Naro Lee
Chief Steward OH/UG – Steve Fargo
Chief Steward T&S – Tim Moran
Chief Steward CCC/Admin.- Elcira Perez (Acting Steward)
Stewards (First Step Grievances)
Steward CCC/Admin. – Monique Faulk
Steward CCC/Admin. – Siobhan Springer
Steward Standard Field – Isaac Rosario
Steward Overhead/Logistics – Gerald Roche
Steward T&S – Lou Gallo
Steward Fleet – Ken Brauer
Steward Underground – Chris Fusarelli
Steward Logistics – Tracey Brown (Acting Steward)
BU #2
Chief Stewards (Second Step Grievances)
Vice President BU2 Operations/Dispatch/CFS/Test – Calvin DeMarsilis
Stewards (First Step Grievances)
Steward Test – Carl Simmons
Acting Steward Field Techs – Calvin Demarsilis
Steward Dispatch – Ray DeFelice

Steward SCG Gas Controllers- Julio Da Cruz