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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


POSTING DATE : February 11, 2011
JOB TITLE : Instrument and Electrical Specialist
LOCATION : New Haven Harbor Station
TO BID : Reply via email to:
Kelly Pereira ( AND
Gino Lopez (
or send written notification care of Bridgeport Harbor Station.

All bids must be received no later than 14 days after posting

****Must have passed the MASS Test to be qualified for transfer unless this is a lateral transfer between stations for the associate. A future test will be given this month for those associates interested in transferring.

Knowledge of mathematics, algebra, graphs, mollier diagrams, as well as theory of electronics, operating theory. Requires knowledge and use of decade box, digital multi-meter, and various electronic and pneumatic tests. Also, blueprint reading, electrical formulas, and the fundamentals of electricity and knowledge of the National Electric Code. Equivalent to complete apprenticeship training. Over 5 years experience. Service, calibrate, troubleshoot and maintain the electronic, electrical and pneumatic controls and instruments for operational control of power plant, boilers, turbines, and all associated sub-systems and auxiliary equipment. Maintain control loops and keep tuned. Maintain, microprocessor, continuous emission monitoring equipment. Troubleshoot, make recommendations on equipment, diagnose and remedy trouble. Use of considerable judgment. Light physical effort required to check operation of controls and functioning equipment, and make adjustments and repairs. Involves walking, climbing, bending, use of ladders, working on elevated and high platforms, use of stack elevators. May at times handle heavy material or apparatus. Concentrated attention to read, interpret controls, instruments, wire circuits and schematics, make calculations and repairs. Diagnose and remedy trouble, perform tests and analyses on complex equipment. Supervise on-the-job training, direct of a group of 1-2 people.