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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A text messaging/email alert system, designed to reach the entire Union membership with important information and reminders at a moment’s notice, will be launched by UWUA Local 470-1. The new alert system is an innovation of UWUA Local 470-1's Executive Board.
In talking with members, the consensus shows that text messaging/email is the most efficient and timely way to communicate important information to a large number of people, in this case, the membership. People always have their cell phone with them Recording/Financial Secretary Joseph Brennan said. This text-messaging system would be used to disseminate vital information and important reminders to all members simultaneously," he added. Recording/Financial Secretary Joseph Brennan also noted that the text messaging/email alert system will be beneficial in notifying members with instantaneous information on the Union's position regarding certain issues. Before the system is up and running, the Union first must input into the program the name, department and cellular phone number of each member. This information will then be categorized under several groups, including general membership, individual departments, Executive Board Members, Shop Stewards. This will help avoid sending information to members that does not pertain to them.For example, if we need to get information into the hands of Operations on a timely basis,we will have the system set up whereby only Operations will receive that particular text message/email alert. If we convene a meeting for Executive Board members, only Executive Board members will receive the alert. The same goes for any group or department. We can remind members of general membership and emergency meetings,information about the contract, and just about anything else that has to be distributed quickly and efficiently.To enroll in the Union’s text-messaging alert system, members must email their name, department and cellular phone number to Once this email has been received, the information will be automatically stored into the program by category. All members will appear in two categories — overall membership and their specific department. Members who serve as a Shop Steward or in another Union capacity will be stored in multiple categories.
Email this information right now to so you can be part of the alert system. Be patient because it will take some time to complete the process of establishing the data bases for each of the categories of members, for example, various departments, Shop Stewards, and so on," he added. To become part of the UWUA Local 470-1 Text Messaging/Email Alert System and receive important information, Send a Email with Your Name, Department and Cellular Phone Number to