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Monday, July 19, 2010


POSTING DATE : July 19, 2010
JOB TITLE : Plant Operator
LOCATION : New Haven Harbor Station
TO BID : Reply via email to:
Kelly Pereira ( AND
Mike Keyes (
or send written notification care of New Haven Harbor Station.
All bids must be received no later than 14 days after posting

Must have passed the POSS Test to be qualified for transfer unless this is a lateral transfer between stations for the associate. A future test will be given if necessary for those associates interested in transferring.

Knowledge of the principles involved as well as the unit operation as the unit operation as required in specialized study, training, and/or experience of four years extent, equivalent to complete apprenticeship training. Must be able to pass Local, State or Federal licensing exam as may be required. Over five years experience. Highly diversified work; operate a unit comprised of steam generators, turbo-generators; operate barge unloader and other fuel handling equipment. Operate auxiliary equipment. Must be familiar with switching and tagging pertaining to station and transmission lines. Considerable judgment to follow specified operating procedures; perform various analytical tests on condensate, feedwater, boiler water etc. Use a computer. Required to comply with State and Federal, and Coast Guard regulations. Responsible for repair and arranging for equipment repair. Perform other related duties as required. Frequently involves average physical effort to use heavy bars and tools, handle and move heavy equipment, adjustments and performing equipment testing and lubrication, removing coals from plugged feeders, assist in overhauling station equipment and valving equipment. Concentrate mental and visual attention closely to follow operating procedures, read and interpret meters, gauges, charts, records, detect and report malfunctions, adjust controls, diagnose and remedy trouble. Responsible for compliance with Company Safety Rules and Regulations regarding all phases of operations, fuel handling, switching and tagging etc. Improper operation could result in fatal injury to others. Assist in the training and development of co-workers. High degree of cooperation with team members. Responsible for directing work operation of units and employees working on units and fuel.